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作者: dklst962    時間: 2018-3-28 18:24     標題: Wholesale China Jerseys ” expressed the Finance Minister.He added

…Predicts record spending for Golden Jubilee Some critics have been lashing out at the coalition Government for allocating $300M for Guyana’s 50thFinance Minister, Winston JordanIndependence anniversary celebrations. But Finance Minister, Winston Jordan,Authentic Atlanta Falcons Jersey, has said that such comments only reflect a “petty” mentality. He emphasized that for such a “historic” occasion, $300M is “peanuts”.Jordan, during his press conference on Wednesday,  said that the money being spent will have a “tremendous” multiplying effect.He predicted that the $300M being spent may even bring in another $300M or more from overseas visitors.“I even heard of the new flights being put on for this 50th anniversary…But have you asked how much Barbados is spending on their celebrations? It is much more and they are experiencing financial problems. I don’t know why we are so small-minded and petty. How many of us will see the next 50? This is a grand occasion and we are crying over this money that will bring record spending and increase in tourists,” expressed the Finance Minister.He added, “But let us assume that each tourist brings US$500— we can blow that out in one night at Palm Court and they would walk with their ATM Card too…so trust me there will be record spending during this time. Lots of people are mobilized to be part of this celebration.”“We call on all Guyanese to reflect on the journey of the past 50 years, taking into account the people and experiences that have shaped our history and the lessons learnt,Brent Seabrook Jersey, while mindful of the opportunities we have missed,” the Minister said.In addition,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, Minister Jordan noted that during the reflections,Cheap NHL Jerseys, the tools must be in place for young people to continue growing.“This is a time of reflection and celebration,, even as we provide inspiration and tools for our young people to dream bigger and reach higher over the next 50 years,” Minister Jordan explained.During May,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, a number of activities are slated to take place in observance of the 50th Independence Anniversary. Guyana gained Independence from Great Britain on May 26, 1966. (Kiana Wilburg)

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